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Tasks of the Department of Spatial Planning and Planning Theory include research and teaching regarding theory and practice of spatial planning and governance especially on regional and state level.

Spatial planning is understood as a systematic approach to formulate decision premises for future spatially relevant actions on a supra-local level (transnational, national, statewide and regional). Among the tasks of spatial planning is the coordination of land use demands, the provision of equivalent living conditions in all regions and the development of integrated strategies for a sustainable spatial development. This requires knowledge of spatial dynamics and planning methods. Today the traditional competence field of planning is more and more supplemented by coordination and moderation tasks in open planning processes.



Recent publications


Schmitt, P.; Wiechmann, Th. (2018): Unpacking Spatial Planning as the Governance of Place: Extracting Potentials for future Advancements in Planning Research, in: disP - The Planning Review, Vol. 54, Issue 4, pp. 21 – 33 Wiechmann, T., & Terfrüchte, T. (2017). Smart Country regional gedacht: teilräumliche Analysen für digitale Strategien in Deutschland. Gütersloh. Wolff, M., & Wiechmann, T. (2017). Urban growth and decline: Europe’s shrinking cities in a comparative perspective 1990–2010. European Urban and Regional Studies

Unpacking Spatial Planning as the Governance of Place


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